Style: SF

I met her in San Francisco at the Ritz Carlton last week. The dominating trend to mix feminine and masculine points to look so fresh and in-the-now is what caught my eye with this lady from Germany. That masculine striped blazer with feminine pumps with stripes and bows made for great interest and contrast as she tied the look off with an American flag scarf. Or is that really a flag she made into a scarf? I think she might be starting a new trend. I need to find or make myself a flag scarf in countries that I love.

Style: Sydney

This is proof that the color-blocking trend has saturated the globe and this lady hit the spot. With color-blocking, you really only need two contrasting hues or undertones to make it work. When color-blocking, keep the base colors solid and accessorize in neutral even if the neutrals have a pattern. Her solid green sheath dress coupled with her bright blue sweater works so well with her matchy-matchy bright blue Fendi purse and green platform heels and her patterned black hoisery.

Style: In Flight

Totally smart.  Smart was the encompassing word that came to my mind when I noticed Wilson Standish and his style. I am usually bored out of my mind when I am the “greeter of the flight repetitively welcoming the monotonous business traveler or the self-righteous yet trashy once-a-decade-traveler, but Wilson got everything right. From the most appropriate hair to the tortoise-shell eyeglasses to the neutrally colored and fitting shirt and pants, the pop of color from the socks down to the brown shoes made me purse my lips and speak like an Italian in my mind, “perfetto,” of course with the hand gestures to go a long with it.

Style: In Flight

Oh, pretty, pretty Natalie! After another redundant Trans-con flight after another, I usually don’t suspect that I will lose a blog-worthy passenger in the span of a five-hour flight, but we were delayed close to four hours upon departure time and our lady captain was so gracious enough to direct our passengers to deplane the aircraft until we rectified the problem as the cabin filled with humidity and heat. I thought I lost Natalie to a later flight, but she boarded yet again as did most of our passengers. Once I saw her again, I clapped and proclaimed to my crew that she was my pretty girl in the pretty skirt.

I think everyone including our uptight purser noticed Natalie in her flowing maxi-skirt with slits paired with leggings and her sweet sleeveless blouse tucked in. It was travel perfected, beautifully.

Style: In Flight

It’s always a breath of fresh air when passengers have an aura of respect for themselves to actually dress for a flight, let alone a long-haul international flight. I deem putting on whatever is comfortable to equate with dressing for bed. That’s really just covering yourself up to not be indecently exposed which is fine because some people would rather go to bed on a flight. But I have found for women, it is quite more comfortable to wear a non-constricting dress on flights of more than four hours long. This is because your stomach, as well as all of your limbs swell up during a flight. Think of a potato chip bag in high altitudes. It’s the same phenomena with the human body.

Katie Kim had the right idea when I spotted her on my flight to Seoul. Not only did I single her out for her choice in an animal print dress which I have an affinity towards, she had on nylons which help with containing swelling of the legs and feet, and had red slip-on shoes that packed a stylish punch which add to the ease of screening through security and slipping on and off throughout a long flight.

Towards the end of the twelve-hour flight, she gathered her belongings and put on a leather jacket to add to her stylish sensibility with her jet-setterish box purse of the globe, so nostalgic and dreamy of the glamorous days of flying.

Shop: Macau

I thought that I would never report about shopping in Macau especially with my second time in this “specially administrative region of China.” Hong Kong maybe, but not Macau. On one sunny, but chilly day in February exploring the streets of Macau, I found a noteworthy street vendor amongst the uninteresting, cheap, and knock-offish public markets set against the backdrop of  St. Peter’s ruins. In a crowded alleyway of overly pushy street vendors vying for your business, this “shop” with its quietly skilled and creative driving force caught my attention.

With my embarrassing knowledge of phrases in Mandarin, a major dialect Cantonese speakers must learn as Cantonese is secondary to mainland Mandarin, he understood that I was a “Korean person” and that I did not understand most of what he was saying so he made relatable gestures of hand-sewing the beads and crystals into his designs of purses and even shoes, and pointed out that he was famous from a Macau guidebook. The purses displayed in his humbly protected glass-casing were beyond a second take. They were more like Judith Leiber’s renowned crystal-encrusted clutches, but a bit more down-to-earth and more attainable.

This is the vintage-esque purse I purchased from him. I could almost say that it was from my grandmother, or from a prestigious auction!

Airport Style: SEA, HKG; The Case of the Blues



I once resented navy blue with black which gave me the blues, but it was probably the resentment towards people who paired the two colors as either a simple solution, or a last resort to get dressed, pronto. Over time, with exemplary representations of an assortment of blues and some black, I gained respect for blues and now believe that blue can be the smart base of a combination of different hues, and looks quite posh with different shades of blue as these ladies illustrated with dark blue skinny jeans and lighter shaded blue tops and purses.

Oscar’s 10 Best Dressed Ladies of 2012

 10. Giuliana Rancic in Tony Ward

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Anticipating many more striking colors as the color-blocking trend has become more prominent, shades of white, instead, dominated the red carpet at the Oscar’s tonight. Giuliana’s dress was so interesting and beautiful, but her hair could have been coiffed differently to suit the style and enhance her features.

9. Cameron Diaz in Gucci

Courtesy of Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Quite elegant but a bit safe, especially with the color and the silhouette, but it does show off Cameron’s usual, incredible physique.

8. Milla Jovovich in Elie Saab

Courtesy of Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Milla was decked out in old Hollywood glamour in this Elie Saab dress with her scarlet red lips and hair that was true-to-style with side-swept waves.

7. Octavia Spencer in Tadashi Shoji

Courtesy of Jason Merritt/Getty Images

 Octavia looked stunning in this well-proportioned and well-balanced Tadashi dress with its drapes channeled through the midsection flaring out to show off her lovely curves. The silhouette perfectly elongated her petite stature.

6. Gwyneth Paltrow in Tom Ford

Courtesy of Michael Buckner/Getty Images

Certainly sleek through and through. A very simplified silhouette gave Gwyneth the look of a chic goddess with her sleek faux pixie-bob, minimal choice of accessories, the long and lean lines of the dress, and of course that interestingly attached cape.

5. Emma Stone in Giambattista Valli

Courtesy of Jason Merritt/Getty Images

 Here’s that punch of color most in-the-know of trends awaited. Although not unusual for wearing red on the red carpet, Emma’s dress was exquisite with its lengthy drape and tapered waist. The loosely tied bow around her neck gave her an all-around feminine appeal reminiscent but quite different from all of the red dresses Heidi Klum has worn to award shows.

4. Bingbing Li

Courtesy of Ethan Miller/Getty Images

A fresh new face debuting on Oscar’s red carpet, Bingbing Li is an actress from China who will appear alongside this list’s other best-dressed leading lady, Milla Jovovich in Resident Evil: Retribution in theaters September 14, 2012. The overall details and the peekaboo cut-outs along the sides of the legs with a sweet train whispered love. Someone please reveal who the designer Bingbing was wearing!

3. Penelope Cruz in Armani Prive

Courtesy of Michael Buckner/Getty Images

Penelope, oh Penelope, fairest of them all. She is always astonishingly immaculate as an immortal divinity. She glided on the red carpet in this delicate, pewter colored Armani Prive dress.

2. Glenn Close in Zaz Posen

Courtesy of Jason Merritt/Getty Images

 Here was the seductress of the night. What a winning combination of structure and hourglass shape with a perfectly fitting, tailored tuxedo jacket over a curvaceous dress with draped train.

1. Maria Menounos in Maria Lucia Hohan

Courtesy of Jason Merritt/Getty Images

This flawless and flowing, minty green, sheer-skirted chiffon gown by a rather unknown designer, deemed worthy to be my “number one” in this year’s Oscar lineup of the stars. Although not a silver screen actress, Maria epitomized elegance, sophistication, glamour, femininity, and class just like an A-lister icon such as Angelina Jolie or even Elizabeth Taylor in her heyday.

See more of the red carpet highlights.

Style: Runway

It was actually a bit difficult to differentiate between who owned which line of the Academy of Art University runway show until the clean and obvious mid-break of Jeanette Au’s visually impressive Fall 2012 ready-to-wear collection. The similarities in construction, color choices, and the run-on selection of hair, makeup, and music, made for an almost continuous stream of the possibility of one designer’s collection.

The recent 2012 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week honorably showcased Academy of Art University’s student works. Out of the nine students, Jeanette Au was the winning star with her impeccably tailored and detailed collection. She approached suiting with tasteful gradation of colors and textures throughout her ensembles and proved innovative thinking with a superb technique of knotted or twisted embellishments on the shoulders, closures, and sides of her jackets for a truly individualized and memorable style.

Most of the other students were on par with the engineering of their garments, but Au proved to be the pioneer of the show revealing her strategic three-dimensional adornments compared to the flat, monochromatic, and minimalistic styles of her counterparts.

Style: In Flight

Jessica is a prime example of a savvy traveler with impeccable taste! This is a winning look because she has all of the components of traveling comfortably with style in mind. Bold colors are the it trend and her absolutely lovely coral silk dress is perfectly paired with neutrals. Her fur vest adds a nice touch of texture which balances out the bright color of her dress, and keeps her warm when traveling from a hot climate to a cooler climate. Her Chanel ballet flats are also a smart choice as it is comfortable and offsets a short dress which makes for a youthful yet classy look. With her to-die-for vintage Gucci luggage in hand, this whole ensemble shows great proportion of old and new, trendy and classic.