Airport Style: SFO

It is always such a rarity to find a couple as stylish as each other let alone complement one another. Why is it that most couples who try too hard to keep their sense of “style” look as if the guy is one of the guidos from Jersey Shore and the girl is just hoochie-mama-d out? Or we see so many couples where the man looks as boring as Mr. Rogers with his grandfather sweater and the lady looks like a reincarnation of an Oompa Loompaish tanned housewife from the O.C.? (No wonder why it’s called “Orange” County.) Then there are those few instances where you see a sharply dressed man with a woman who desperately needs to befriend more female friends or gay boyfriends for a total intervention. And of course we see so many couples just plain exhausted of their relationship that the last thing on their minds would be to make any effort to look at least decent for one another. What is it about couples and complacency or far-fetched opposite attraction? Dear God, for those complacent, y’all need to spend some time away from each other and for those who are after something that is not remotely near your boundaries, you just need some honest therapy. I’m just saying. What do I know? I am just educated in fashion. That is all.

Style: In Flight

Casually undone yet pulled together was the look of the moment. A shirt and tie underneath a hooded sweatervest that was intentionally peaking out made for a very clever pairing for a mod business-casual look; not to mention the skinny khaki cargo pants on a man!?!?! Cargo pants are so negatively 90’s, and the recent remake for cargo pants on super leggy, young women might have only been the last resort of a reincarnation, but this take on a man proved so much more.

Style: NYC

I saw him while shopping in SOHO. Retro with a modern edge is what’s so fresh! There is constantly so much material for me to use in NYC. (In this sense, “material” meaning my subjects.) But what always really draws me and intrigues me to photograph and write about is when I see men dressed with meaning.

There is no excuse for men to dress sloppy anymore. Men’s apparel has almost come full circle where the “nice-looking” clothes are no longer always at a premium sticker price. Style is so much more attainable more than ever now with not only great designers for men such as John Varvatos, Tom Ford, any tier Ralph Lauren, to mid-priced labels such as All Saints or even Diesel, but truly affordable with fast-fashion stores in the mix such as Zara, Topman, Uniqlo, and H&M.
More fitted clothing is running rampant everywhere and should not be associated with clean-cut professionals who can afford to get clothing stitched and tucked. It should also be a telltale sign of the times that tighter and skinnier pants are no longer a questionable matter when it comes to masculinity. Who gives a damn, what you are? The man with a firm grip on style always comes out as the most sexiest.

Airport Style: ICN (Seoul)

I agreed to go with my niece and nephew to their church in Seoul. It was kind of eye-awakening and liberating that these seemingly conservatives came just how they were. I saw some hipsters and even some punk-rockers on a Sunday, but they were all too shy for me to photograph. As I was leaving Seoul, I thought the best people to photograph would be the non-Koreans. When I tapped Holland’s shoulder, I thought she was Japanese by her dress and her light-brown hair color. She was in fact a foreign student from California on her way to Sapporo. Her cute style matched her cute personality. Maybe I was drawn to her style because it somewhat reminded me of my own style; not too vomiting-ish femininity coupled with sexy solids in different textures.

Style: SF

Well, not exactly SF, but the northern Bay Area is where I ran into casual coolness. This proves that you don’t have to be trendy or over-the-top with fashion to be stylish. I always think that style comes from within and it truly shows when someone is trying too hard which usually results in uber fashion faux paus-es. Even with a simple t-shirt and jeans, accessories with character can accentuate low-key into a dapper look.

Airport Style: SFO

So effortlessly chic. Her floral dress reminded me of a Monet painting and the colors of Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Although I am not a fan of true floral patterns and prints, I cannot get enough of artistic prints. Tan accessories work with anything! It is not only the new black, it is way better than just black. Her naturalistic hair and beautiful face works so well with the whole ensemble.

Style: Denver

This is a great way to dress for summer. Her not-too-fitted print dress was airy enough to keep her cool, yet girly enough to keep her pretty. Her beige shoes made her look even more lean and leggy.

Airport Style: DEN

For some reason, I was getting a lot of luck out of the underrepresented Denver area. This man wasn’t too pleased with me when I asked him for a photograph, but nonetheless, he was going to be in my blog. The mixture of patterns on his shirt and scarf work because of the neutralness of his jacket and pants. His glasses were even beige. An unconventional color for eyeglasses, but very cool! Sir, you can smile now.