Style: Denver

With the assumption that this mountain-lined city would only spawn turquoise-jeweled tackiness, I was pleased to find some true style-licious souls in downtown Denver. Although The Caves, a band originating from Kansas City is not from Denver, this is where I found them, spreading a little more personal coolness for the public to enjoy.

Lifestyle: Denver

Out of all the cities I have chances to frequent, Denver surprised me with such charm and character this time around. Although the heat was a bit too much for my taste, a balmy 96F, it was bearable because of the dryness of the heat and the refreshing libations my colleague and I treated ourselves to, local beer sampling and Moscow Mules. After my first ever Moscow Mule, I’ve been daydreaming about that concoction and when I can get my hands on those ice-cold, beautiful copper mugs with that crisp and intoxicating prize inside…down the hatch again.

Style: SF

Please don’t ever stereotype gay men to be the well-dressers of our time because I’ve known and seen plenty of gay men who really don’t have a clue in style, let alone interior decorating and cleanliness. HOWever, here is Trenton outside of the Blackbird bar in the Stro who knows how to mesh patterns and stripes like a pro, a bona fide Crossroads-finding, slash, originally-owned, slash, designer-labeled, slash, put-together-d gay bro.

Airport Style?: SFO

Me: Is that real?

Him: Yes, it’s all real.

Me: Wow, you are very bold to wear that especially here in San Francisco.
Him: Thank you.
I give him props for not only being bold but for being steadfastly individualistic to combine a super casual background (notice especially the very reusable “green” bag) with an over-the-top “luxe” accessory, by the way, in the northern hemisphere’s summer. Maybe animal rights advocates should reconsider their hatred towards fur-wearing folk because this could possibly be another way to recycle something from Grandma’s closet or road-kill? I am a bit perplexed but also drawn to the choice of this rebellious pairing.

Style: In Flight

Loved these style-mavens on my flight. From arm armor to casually cool layering of shirts and of course the hair and shades as a necessity for overcoming the bright lights of the sky. Perfect balance.

Get a load of this shiznit. Who would have thought three watches as accessories would equate to great style? And at that, retro Casio calculator watches? Crazy cool!

Style: SF

Talk about well-dressed, passionate, well-spoken, talented, and very well-mannered. Where will young women find a young man like this these days? On a very wet and dreary summer day in San Francisco when youngins would like to play xbox, Gabe Cave (geeeeeez, even his name is so cool) caught too much of my attention while I was trying so hard to be a “normal” commercialized shopper. What happened? Of course I stopped. What a heartbreaker.

Style: SF

Loved his pink and white checkered tie combo with a white shirt and grey cardigan and everything else dark (mind you, dark pieces that complimented the ensemble not just because it is too easy to pair things with outdated black). Not only did he know his style, he knew his food, telling me this restaurant in the Mission was good only until too many people found out about it. Cheers to a diamond in the rough as with style and food in San Francisco.