Style: SF

A rare gem I encountered in the Inner Sunset?! This district of San Francisco is more known for its hipsters, SF lifers, scrubbed-up doctors and nurses, and Hong Kong descendants. But on this usually sunny winter day, I came upon … Continue reading

Style: NYC


I think I heard or read somewhere recently that Kelly Osbourne declared that animal prints would be out for 2013. I respect her sensibilities in fashion, but I would have to disagree with her this time. Animal prints are classic! They are as iconic and timeless as pearls or a LBD. Dolce & Gabbana almost base their existence to their odes to the leopard print. It is their signature, season after season, year after year, popping up as minimally or as fantastically in their collections as was the signature “Valentino Red” of signore Garavani’s when he was in house. Animal prints have been consistently associated with royalty, luxury, and fashion. So how could animal prints ever be given the boot?

Excuse me, I digressed a bit too far. My initial point of this post was to articulate how animal prints are much more fun when pairing them with colors other than the usual, black, beige, or even red. Animal prints can actually be deemed a neutral background or a punch of pizzazz just as certain ingredients in food can be the main star or just an undertone of a dish. Animal prints can be paired easily with a variety of colors, and this young lady I encountered at the Uniqlo in SOHO gives us a great example. The uniquely colored ink-blue, furry hat complements and creates interest to the tone of her leopard print coat.

Style: SF


Most men dress out of necessity, so it’s refreshing when you spot a man who uses their senses to reflect their personality into a style they can call their own. Men need to not be so afraid of color. And at the very least, allow for some pops of color here and there so as to not be drowned out by the depths of the monotonous male palette of black, grey, navy, brown, beige, and white.

This stud I ran into at the SF Autoshow had the right idea of casual cool. The burgundy pants gave him that edge, but wasn’t overwhelming; and pairing it with a denim shirt was a perfect choice to keep the appeal masculine. Shoes do make or break the outfit, and if he’d opted to go with black shoes, this style would have been thrown out the door! Brown leather would have worked as well, but he owned it with the beige shoes. Props.

Style: In-Flight

Working from Frankfurt to San Francisco…

What a beautiful lady! Not only was she dressed so reminiscent of the glamorous days of flying with her accessories that up her style without constrictions, she was actually dressed comfortably. I will reiterate these words again and again for women. In a knit dress, you will look chic like you gave-a-damn, plus without the fuss, be as cozy in a nightgown in your own bed. This is the kind of dress you need to find yourselves when traveling long distances no matter the class of cabins.

Aranka melt my heart when she said she wanted to give me a big hug after seeing my big, pink bow in my hair for breast cancer awareness. I told her, “you can give me a big hug whenever you want, regardless!” And we hugged like there was no tomorrow. She had already gone through breast cancer and another illness, but as you can see, she is living life to the most stylish fullest. My life feels most complete when I run into lovely people like her.

Style: SF

I met her in San Francisco at the Ritz Carlton last week. The dominating trend to mix feminine and masculine points to look so fresh and in-the-now is what caught my eye with this lady from Germany. That masculine striped blazer with feminine pumps with stripes and bows made for great interest and contrast as she tied the look off with an American flag scarf. Or is that really a flag she made into a scarf? I think she might be starting a new trend. I need to find or make myself a flag scarf in countries that I love.