Destination: Seoul. Product Review: Tony Moly Tomatox Brightening Mask

As the consultant/sales rep claims, this product has been their bestseller. I would have to completely concur! This product is also so easy on the wallet, at around $8 a pop, of course beauty addicts are clearing out the stock!

Used once or twice weekly, this is the fastest and easiest mask to instantly, brighten your skin. I mean, in a snap! There’s no peeling involved just a wash-off type. After a few minutes of application, the product seeps into the skin and creates a bubbling effect. That’s your indication that the product has done its deed and your cue to wash off with lukewarm water.

For more information about this product or other Tony Moly products and to purchase, go to their website Tony Moly is also on Facebook.

Destination: Duty Free. Product Review: Clarins Baume Beaute Eclair/Beauty Flash Balm

I absolutely cannot get enough of shopping duty free. At the airport. On the airplane.

It claims to brighten and tighten, but I’m not too sure about that. I do however, love using it as just a facial moisturizer since it’s not heavy nor oily but keeps the skin balanced.

Destination: Hawaii. Product Review: Island Girl Scented Cuticle Oil

My girlfriend introduced me to this when I was in Seoul so the next time I was in Honolulu I had to get it for myself.

I love the “Jasmine” scented bottle. It smells rosy and keeps cuticles conditioned and moisturized. I apply anytime and even bring it a long with me wherever I go since it’s such a cinch to ensure a manicured feeling everyday!

Available at ABC Stores throughout Hawaii. $7 per bottle.



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