Style: Philadelphia

I loved running into the hip locals around the artsy downtown area of Philly filled with culture and history. Just look at this vibrant young lady’s style! From the textured pixie hair to the retroish sunglasses and belted polka-dotted dress, she epitomized the contemporary ideals of mixing and mashing old-school memories with today’s silhouettes to make her look fresh and polished.

Style: Sydney

It is winter in Sydney, and as we know it in San Francisco, our summers always seem to come with a lot of winterish baggage. When temperatures should obviously be opposite from one hemisphere to the other, San Franciscans can relate to mild temperatures to our neighbors¬†from down under during their winter months. We both usually have sunny and comfortable daytime averages of the 60’s to 70’s (in Fahrenheit) and we both have to endure the drops of temperatures as evening falls upon us.

I ran into our poster-child of the moment in Sydney who perfected the art of layering in our similar conditions. Some sort of leather (or of course faux) jacket, scarf, and jeans are our uniform in San Francisco, but she so righteously intertwined the workings of casualness with muted flats, femininity with light-colored skinny jeans and a flowing cream blouse that ends longer than the front, added edginess with a cropped leather moto-jacket, and tied the whole look together with a neutral star-printed scarf. Sans scarf and jacket, she is ready for the warmth of the day, and add these on, she is ready for chilly nights. Irreversibility is the intelligent way to dress.