For Constant Hand-washers, or OCD people; The lotion of all lotions.


I went to Kaiser for an illness, and then I came upon this. It’s a lotion to last up to four hours even with continuous hand-washing. The pharmacist was intrigued. She wanted my report after I tried this. I tried it. You only need a small amount to cover your hands. You have to wait until it has completely dried. It’s a bit pricey at Kaiser for an eight ounce at $14, but like I said, you only need a small amount, maybe a half of a pump. That’s why I filled a very small tube of it to take with me on the go. I will share of course!

No Caking Serum Foundation

I discovered this magic in a bottle recently. Perricone MD has made a lightweight serum with SPF 30 that competes with even the best BB Creams. I used Korean BB Creams for a few years. Initially, they feel and cover great with higher SPFs, but I would find them to ultimately cake. I hate caking, especially after hours upon hours working on my feet in an encapsulated bubble through multiple time zones. I would land looking beat and CAKED. I have oily skin, which doesn’t help with the caking as well. However, I tried this on my mother who has aging and dry skin. It looked and stayed the same on me and her after many hours. This product never settled in fine lines or wrinkles. Applied alone, even through sweat, it has a mattifying effect so it won’t make you look shiny. I finish this with my Shiseido Sun Protection Compact to weather through any heat, humidity, and sun’s rays. Although Perricone’s serum does not have many colors, if you finish with a powder color close to your skintone, it will absorb that resulting in a more uniform consistency.

Traveling tip: If you are on the go, don’t use the serum dropper. Keep it closed with the original cap. The serum dropper creates a lot of air, thus spillage of this precious concoction!