Style: In Flight

It’s always a breath of fresh air when passengers have an aura of respect for themselves to actually dress for a flight, let alone a long-haul international flight. I deem putting on whatever is comfortable to equate with dressing for bed. That’s really just covering yourself up to not be indecently exposed which is fine because some people would rather go to bed on a flight. But I have found for women, it is quite more comfortable to wear a non-constricting dress on flights of more than four hours long. This is because your stomach, as well as all of your limbs swell up during a flight. Think of a potato chip bag in high altitudes. It’s the same phenomena with the human body.

Katie Kim had the right idea when I spotted her on my flight to Seoul. Not only did I single her out for her choice in an animal print dress which I have an affinity towards, she had on nylons which help with containing swelling of the legs and feet, and had red slip-on shoes that packed a stylish punch which add to the ease of screening through security and slipping on and off throughout a long flight.

Towards the end of the twelve-hour flight, she gathered her belongings and put on a leather jacket to add to her stylish sensibility with her jet-setterish box purse of the globe, so nostalgic and dreamy of the glamorous days of flying.

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