Destination: Seoul, A Cup of Joe

Oh, a morning pick-me-up, or rather a burst of caffeine at any time of the day for me. I stopped drinking coffee a few years ago. I was never a fiend, but used it on those ominous days I thought I needed it, but realized it could never benefit my intestinal tract, let alone my uncontrollable circadian rhythm. (Black tea became my most sought after friend.)

But here is a product I just came upon, yet again, through my travels. TonyMoly has become a cosmetic company I favor because of their cutesy packaging a long with their products that really work.

This scrub contained in an adorable coffee mug package is thick and luscious like honey and warms up just like a latte to your face. After application and washing away the indulgent scent of coffee beans into a milky foam, the aftermath leaves your skin silky smooth, ready for the day, or night; whichever you prefer.

For more information, go to: To purchase worldwide, go to: and search, “tonymoly.”

Style: In Flight

It’s always a breath of fresh air when passengers have an aura of respect for themselves to actually dress for a flight, let alone a long-haul international flight. I deem putting on whatever is comfortable to equate with dressing for bed. That’s really just covering yourself up to not be indecently exposed which is fine because some people would rather go to bed on a flight. But I have found for women, it is quite more comfortable to wear a non-constricting dress on flights of more than four hours long. This is because your stomach, as well as all of your limbs swell up during a flight. Think of a potato chip bag in high altitudes. It’s the same phenomena with the human body.

Katie Kim had the right idea when I spotted her on my flight to Seoul. Not only did I single her out for her choice in an animal print dress which I have an affinity towards, she had on nylons which help with containing swelling of the legs and feet, and had red slip-on shoes that packed a stylish punch which add to the ease of screening through security and slipping on and off throughout a long flight.

Towards the end of the twelve-hour flight, she gathered her belongings and put on a leather jacket to add to her stylish sensibility with her jet-setterish box purse of the globe, so nostalgic and dreamy of the glamorous days of flying.

Style Profile: Alexander Seo


Alex works as a flight attendant and he always looks polished in and out of uniform. Although he modestly believes he has no real style, I believe he is one of the most stylish people I’ve gotten to know. Finally, on a sunny day after days of stormy weather in San Francisco, we met up for a moment to chit chat about fashion and flying — of course with the accompaniment of a couple drinkies. Alex defines his non-existent style as “casual and clean, basic, simple, and has to be comfortable.” 

Today, I adored his pairing of a purple sweater with grey, plaid slacks, and kicks! Some people would never even think to wear kicks with plaid slacks, but with Alex, his ensembles always work well. Hello? And he thinks he has no style? Right. 

When I asked him about how he defines fashion, he gave me a very great answer. “It is a fantasy. It’s something in a bubble world that in the name of fashion, everything is, ‘okay.’ It doesn’t have to be practical. And everything is allowed.” He thinks that his simple style comes from his upbringing in Korea where children were taught to, “think not outside, but within the box.” He feels that even with his freedom as an adult, it is difficult to express himself because of years of restrictions and that, “creativity needs to be practiced.” What a great convo we had that day!

Style Profile: In Flight

Erin Corr (left) and Caitlin Corr (right) are not sisters but cousins that look like twins! Both are students at Santa Clara University. Erin is studying psychology and Caitlin is studying marketing.

Coming from Cabo, I spotted the two and instantly liked their casual style perfect for hotter climates. Erin paired her now trending, boxy tank with a flowing hobo skirt which I thought brilliant because of the stretchy waistband that you could pull up to be more conservative or pull down to show off that great figure of hers. Caitlin’s pairing of her now trending denim top with cool linen pants was in fact, inspirational. People should travel in style like her.

Even though both were wearing white bottoms and brightly colored tops, they presented their style personalities as Erin states hers to be, “offbeat and hippiesh,” while Caitlin identifies her personal style as “more classic, mixed with trends.”  Their take on how they define fashion? They both believe that, “first impressions are important” and with fashion, you can “display your personality.”