Airport Style: SFO

It is always such a rarity to find a couple as stylish as each other let alone complement one another. Why is it that most couples who try too hard to keep their sense of “style” look as if the guy is one of the guidos from Jersey Shore and the girl is just hoochie-mama-d out? Or we see so many couples where the man looks as boring as Mr. Rogers with his grandfather sweater and the lady looks like a reincarnation of an Oompa Loompaish tanned housewife from the O.C.? (No wonder why it’s called “Orange” County.) Then there are those few instances where you see a sharply dressed man with a woman who desperately needs to befriend more female friends or gay boyfriends for a total intervention. And of course we see so many couples just plain exhausted of their relationship that the last thing on their minds would be to make any effort to look at least decent for one another. What is it about couples and complacency or far-fetched opposite attraction? Dear God, for those complacent, y’all need to spend some time away from each other and for those who are after something that is not remotely near your boundaries, you just need some honest therapy. I’m just saying. What do I know? I am just educated in fashion. That is all.