Style: SF


Most men dress out of necessity, so it’s refreshing when you spot a man who uses their senses to reflect their personality into a style they can call their own. Men need to not be so afraid of color. And at the very least, allow for some pops of color here and there so as to not be drowned out by the depths of the monotonous male palette of black, grey, navy, brown, beige, and white.

This stud I ran into at the SF Autoshow had the right idea of casual cool. The burgundy pants gave him that edge, but wasn’t overwhelming; and pairing it with a denim shirt was a perfect choice to keep the appeal masculine. Shoes do make or break the outfit, and if he’d opted to go with black shoes, this style would have been thrown out the door! Brown leather would have worked as well, but he owned it with the beige shoes. Props.

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