Style Profile: Alexander Seo


Alex works as a flight attendant and he always looks polished in and out of uniform. Although he modestly believes he has no real style, I believe he is one of the most stylish people I’ve gotten to know. Finally, on a sunny day after days of stormy weather in San Francisco, we met up for a moment to chit chat about fashion and flying — of course with the accompaniment of a couple drinkies. Alex defines his non-existent style as “casual and clean, basic, simple, and has to be comfortable.” 

Today, I adored his pairing of a purple sweater with grey, plaid slacks, and kicks! Some people would never even think to wear kicks with plaid slacks, but with Alex, his ensembles always work well. Hello? And he thinks he has no style? Right. 

When I asked him about how he defines fashion, he gave me a very great answer. “It is a fantasy. It’s something in a bubble world that in the name of fashion, everything is, ‘okay.’ It doesn’t have to be practical. And everything is allowed.” He thinks that his simple style comes from his upbringing in Korea where children were taught to, “think not outside, but within the box.” He feels that even with his freedom as an adult, it is difficult to express himself because of years of restrictions and that, “creativity needs to be practiced.” What a great convo we had that day!

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