Style Profile: In Flight

Erin Corr (left) and Caitlin Corr (right) are not sisters but cousins that look like twins! Both are students at Santa Clara University. Erin is studying psychology and Caitlin is studying marketing.

Coming from Cabo, I spotted the two and instantly liked their casual style perfect for hotter climates. Erin paired her now trending, boxy tank with a flowing hobo skirt which I thought brilliant because of the stretchy waistband that you could pull up to be more conservative or pull down to show off that great figure of hers. Caitlin’s pairing of her now trending denim top with cool linen pants was in fact, inspirational. People should travel in style like her.

Even though both were wearing white bottoms and brightly colored tops, they presented their style personalities as Erin states hers to be, “offbeat and hippiesh,” while Caitlin identifies her personal style as “more classic, mixed with trends.” ¬†Their take on how they define fashion? They both believe that, “first impressions are important” and with fashion, you can “display your personality.”

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